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September 8, 2012 – In my best dress, fearless!

How I spent my Friday the 13th! (July 13, 2012)

Spinaci Zola (Cibo)

Lakeview Resort! (6/30/’12)

Mother’s Day 2012

At Cibo, Alabang Town Center… I paid for the meal ‘coz it was my pleasure and I insisted and it was Mother’s Day! My father told me that maybe the reason that I took them there is because they couldn’t understand a word the menu offered. Haha, Papa!

Well, it’s an Italian restaurant.


This is me.


The menu.


Mama and Mama Nanz trying out the Cappuccino coffee. 


Me again.


Mama Nanz and Mama




Mama Nanz




Mama Nanz texting.

Picture 159

The girl Behind the washed-out Prada Shades

I am the girl behind the shades.
I am Loraine Grace.

I am ready to face the world in my signature pink lipstick. I am ready to fly up and beyond the horizon of dreams. I believe in God and that He made this beautiful world of perpetual dreams.

Though the world can be unkind, the innocent must always remain his default self. After all, we can only do nothing best but to love like a child because in the end, what’s the use of loving if you didn’t give it your all?